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From The Desk Of B. Markita
About The Backdrop Plug
I Was Not Always The Successful Designer And Entrepreneur That You See Today.
Back in fall 2017, I was stuck between committing to several more years of pharmacy school (although I already had a bachelors degree in marketing) and starting some kind of successful business.

For years, I designed and hand-painted backdrops as a side hustle. Gradually, I picked it up full-time after leaving school. However, I quickly realized using all my time to paint was not creating the income that I wanted.

So after lots and lots of research to find a design software, I finally found a software called GIMP. Prior to this, I was the greenest of newbies only using Microsoft products for my designs. But after many tears and hours, I taught myself how to use the new-found software.

With every design, I learned more and more and got better and better. So it's been a long, gradual process for me. I realized nobody really teaches how to use GIMP nor how to design backdrops with it, so HERE I AM.

I made it my goal to help other designers (or other people who are just simply interested) cut out the guess work and time spent on teaching themselves. I put together an extensive training that I know you will enjoy and learn from. Follow my program from start to finish, and you will have what you need to start creating your very own backdrop designs.

Are you ready for me to help you get started? If you answered YES, click the link below, and I will see in the membership group :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm skeptical and not really sure about this.
If you are not sure about the membership, just enter your email for the free digital download. You can test out the download process before signing up for the monthly membership. Sign up ONLY when you are ready to get plugged in. But keep in mind, the price may increase by the time you decide. 
Is the software included in the price, or will I have to already have the software?
The software used in to create the design templates is GIMP, which is a free software that you can download. You can also use the downloads with Adobe Photoshop. Get Photoshop by clicking here. GIMP can be downloaded by clicking here. If you are not familiar with designing in either of these programs, I would recommend taking the Designs Made Easy course by clicking here.
How do I access the membership after purchase?
Immediately after completing your purchase, you will be prompted to create your password-protected account for the membership area. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDERS.
Will we have access to you as the instructor if we have questions?
Yes. B. Markita is  very active in the adjoining Facebook group and Telegram group. 
Do you make T-shirt templates as well?
The membership is specifically for backdrops. However, you can use your templates as you see fit.
Can I purchase this membership for someone else?
Absolutely! Just be sure that you register using the receiver's email address. 
Where is this membership located?
This is an online membership housed at TheBackdropPlug.com. You will create a password-protected account to access the membership portal. You will also gain access to the Facebook group and Telegram in order to ask questions.
Do you teach how to print the products yourself?
No. In this membership, you will learn to how to download the digital designs only using your computer or laptop.
Where do you print the backdrops?
We suggest using StickersBanners and BingBanners to print if you do not have your own printing equipment. 
How much are your backdrop designs normally?
There are a few different options ranging from $75-$100. They all can be found on my site: www.BMarkitaDesigns.com
Is this a class or a download video?
The Backdrop Plug is a monthly membership. As long as you are a paying member, you will have access to all the downloads that come with the membership and the additional downloads that can be purchased. The downloads are .psd files. 
How much is the software?
The software is FREE.99 for GIMP! Otherwise, you can start using Photoshop by clicking here if you prefer.
What else will I need to pay for with this membership?
Photoshop if you prefer not to get GIMP and the cost to print with StickersBanners or Bing Banners.
Do you teach how to use Adobe software?
Not in this member. I will be teaching a course solely for Adobe later in 2021. To get notifications as soon as the Adobe course is available, text DESIGN to 214-833-7972
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